Box culverts are required for drainage areas along Oregon highways, but these culverts can be difficult for fish to traverse when the water running through them is shallow and fast-moving. To alleviate this problem, according to the Oregon Coastal Salmon Restoration Initiative authorized in 1997, we replace existing culverts that do not meet fish passage… Read More

The supply for aggregate materials is not endless, and Delta Sand & Gravel believes that it is our responsibility to cultivate an active recycling culture, as well as to encourage the environmental responsibility of aggregate material producers everywhere. Delta offers recycled aggregate products so that our customers may meet LEED and sustainable building standards. Repurposing… Read More

Students often get pushed to head directly to college after high school. Propelling students to immediately enter college has increased the need for workers in skilled trades. This trend is supported by the fact that the construction industry is at the highest level of employee demand since January 2008, and labor demand is still on… Read More

Concrete is the literal foundation of much of our local architecture in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon, and Delta Construction Co. is proud to have constructed a lot of it! We specialize in concrete construction, but to many the mystery of concrete can be hard to crack, so we figured we’d lay some of the basics… Read More

Did you know? Delta Sand & Gravel has partnered with Wildish, Eugene Sand & Gravel and Lane Worksource to help local community members find work and gain the skills they need to build successful, rewarding careers in the Lane County construction industry. The coalition is called Eugene Aggregate Drivers. This year, we graduated five successful… Read More

Delta Sand & Gravel and Delta Construction are both extremely proud of the community we have helped to build since 1927. Our mission has always been to create rock solid foundations for the structures we live in, for the roads we travel and for the lives of the people who use each one of them.… Read More

Delta Sand and Gravel is proud to be partnering with Yoncalla Early Works and Yoncalla Elementary School to construct an outdoor playscape for kids younger than third grade in Douglas County, Oregon. What is Early Works? Early Works is a 10-year Children’s Institute initiative launched in 2010 to improve the development of young children in… Read More

We’ve had requests for photos from our 2017 holiday party, and we have a lot to share, so we figured we’d post them here for everyone to enjoy. Holiday Party refresher: Delta hosted our annual holiday party at the newly remodeled Downtown Hilton Hotel in Eugene, Oregon. The night was full of gift-giving and spirited… Read More

As one of Eugene’s local aggregate material producers, Delta Sand & Gravel understands the importance of preserving the land. To best care for the land they work upon, it is their job to maintain the natural environment upon it. At Delta, protecting the environment starts with preserving the Willamette River wetlands. A history of habitat… Read More

Delta Construction Co.’s Bridge Division employees are experts in bridge engineering. This division was created in 2014 and has since constructed six bridges in Lane County and 14 bridges overall. Bridge Division employee responsibilities include construction and management of projects containing large culverts, pedestrian bridges, highway bridges, retaining walls, and roadway structures (i.e., sign bridges,… Read More

In our last blog, we talked about the importance of Earth Day and Arbor Day. This time, we’re back to delve into the importance of our traditions and the history behind them. Delta Sand & Gravel has been serving the community for over 90 years, and during this time Delta has established its light display… Read More

  “Individual commitment to a group effort–that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” –Vince Lombardi Every year, Delta Sand and Gravel’s management team plans a retreat to strengthen the team, and create a fun environment for collaboration. This year’s management retreat at ConExpo created several moments for… Read More

At Delta Sand & Gravel, we keep our team up to date with the latest industry standards in technology, employee safety and education. Our ongoing efforts improve efficiencies, customer service and employee satisfaction.  Most recently, our management team headed to Las Vegas, Nevada for the ConExpo-Con/Agg exhibit. The theme of the event was “Imagine What’s… Read More